Recollections of My Life


Recollections of My Life

Recollections of My Life

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My story

As these stories have come to my memory, I realize how lucky I have been throughout my life and how fortunate I am to have had the time to record them. I have, in recording them, relived the time of my life they cover and, in my thoughts, kept company with old friends and relations.

 It follows my life from starting school to my retirement; how I adapted in my life, police encounters as a teenager, dating, marriage, traveling, becoming a father, divorce and then the blending of two households.

 I wish to thank those I asked to confirm what my limited memory could not remember in any detail; Diane, my cousin, who has known me longer than most and set me straight on many aspects of my life. Heather, the woman I have shared my life with over the best part of thirty years and full marks to her for putting up with me over that time. My children along with my friends had kept in their own memory characteristic of my life; I have included these in my story. Even the young lady that shared my first marriage, I have adjusted in part what my memory had recalled to how Shirley recalled a story. So I can’t claim this book is my own, I owe so much to the others that helped me.

 My grandchildren, Sam and Emily, for allowing me to include the short stories I wrote for them.

 I acknowledge as well the help given by the writing group that, for a few years, met in our home; those enjoyable evenings when we shared our writings. Their suggestions and encouragement got me started on recording what I remembered.

 I hope you will enjoy this book; my journey, my memories, my life.

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