John 001

My early life was not dissimilar to any other, it was the mid 1940’s my parents set up in a country town. When mother became ill we moved back to Melbourne where she, my sister and I were cared for by my grandparents, mum died and for a short time I went to live with my dad.  Then back with my grandparents and sister in another country town, moving around quite a bit until secondary school. Four years at “Richmond Tech” then over thirty years at “The State Bank” as well as many part time jobs, I always had trouble living within my means.    

My business skills I acquired by selling newspapers, I found by listening to others you pick up a little but by watching and thinking things out yourself you pick up a lot. My ability to work on my own improved with delivering morning papers on my bike and delivering milk with a horse and cart. To be a father only started when the first wife left, my children and I had to learn to do all those things that the wife and mother took care of. I am very lucky to have found Heather a lady that saw little fault in others. We married within the year we met, and was joined by her three children.    

I am retired now spending my days with wife number two, our children and grandchildren. We ran taxies when the bank said goodbye, working with the independent driver and with the taxi owner.  Working out taxi shifting enjoying somewhat the stories our drivers conveyed to us about their day. With that sold off we managed beach houses for a few years in a beautiful village, Coronet Bay in Victoria, Australia. Now I am retired I have another part-time job of writing down my memories.